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Rocket Fuel Customers Weigh In

Over the last three years of operation, we have received many wonderful and encouraging testimonials and reviews from our great customers. Below are some of our favorite and most memorable comments.

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On Rocket Fuel's Service:

"I will always have rocket fuel on hand. Still haven't tasted anything like them. They are trustworthy, reliant, and ship pretty quick. I made a mistake one pay week and tried another juice and that wont happen again. My loyalty lies with rocket fuel. Absolutely AMAZING." -Samantha B. (11/20/15)

"Can't say enough. Great products, fast shipping, and excellent communication. I definitely will continue to use this product and company." Johnathan M. (10/11/14)

"My friends, [these] guys are really above the rest in quality and taste, they are really developing better ejuice in comparison to the huge amount of over advertised firms that exist"-Ernesto S. (7/10/14)

"First Try and BANG! Right on the money...I'm new to the vape world and wanted to try a lot of different flavors. RocketFuelVape was the first place I ordered from and since I'm deployed overseas it's hard to get e juices, and let me tell you what.......RocketFuelVape is the best I've tried and I have tried a lot of flavors. They went all the way with all the flavors I've tried from them. I will definitely order more from them once I run out of juices. Great job RocketFuelVape. Thank you from a deployed US Soilder." -Savy K. (9/28/15)

"Rocket Fuel has great flavors and I think most of us know that, but they also have great customer service. I goofed and put in the wrong address while placing my order, so I sent an email in hopes of catching the error. They responded, literally, within 5 minutes and had it all sorted out. I really do appreciate the quality product and service." -Matthew G. (1/26/16)

"Delivery was prompt, transaction was easy and when you encountered a problem, you solved it without delay and got the order out. It does not get better than that." -Keith H. (10/31/14)

"As a European I was surprised at how fast my order was processed and shipped. My order was processed and sent within 24hrs and arrived a week later. All the flavors are delicious and deliver a great vape." -Mateo M. (1/4/16)

"The service was spectacular in every way. Easy to order. Excellent tracking of the order. Timely delivery. I would recommend using your wonderful service to anyone that will listen. Very professional in every way." -Stan B. (8/25/14)

On Rocket Pop:

"Cant brag enough about the company and the flavor. Just try it yourself!" -Michael S. (3/3/16)

"The best e-liquid i have ever tasted. This taste is spot on the taste of the actual popsicle as advertised, i cannot get enough of this mindblowingly good stuff." -Mats D. (12/18/15)

"I've explored a LOT of different juices and Rocket Fuel is THE BEST. I love the quality. Flavor. everything. Simply the best. I purchased the Rocket Pop, and to be honest, it sells itself. It's fantastic. great vaping experience. I LOVE ROCKET FUEL VAPES! MARRY ME! ^.^" -Forrest B. (11/4/15)

"Insanely Delicious! If you're even remotely considering getting this, stop and just order it. The flavors are spot on and super addicting. My new ADV for sure. Plus it vapes really clean and doesn't gunk up my coils :)" -Paul F. (7/31/15)

On Calamity Jane Tobacco:

"This is one of my favorite tobacco flavors I've tried. I can't decide which is better between Calamity Jane and Ol' River, but both are better than any flavor I've tried from another company." -Seth H. (5/4/14)

"A rock solid tobacco flavor with a semisweet cinnamon finish. Delicious." -Howard P. (3/10/15)

"You are pure unadulterated thieves! Your Calamity Jane has stolen my heart as my #1 all-time favorite flavor of eJuice! And you willingly harbor her knowing she's done it! With her wonderful blending of almond and tobacco, and that ever-so-light exhale of cinnamon, there's just no way I can resist Jane's charms! Keep up the fantastic work, you've made a fan for life!" -Michael C. (1/21/15)

On Rocket Blend:

This has been a staple in my all day vapes for over a year now." -Andrew P. (6/5/15)

"[I've] just received my first shipment of Rocket Blend and true to form, you all never cease to amaze with your flavours! my only complaint is that i have a difficult time deciding which flavour to vape because all of your concoctions are just so marvelously delicious! thanks for shipping to England too! love from Bethany" -Bethany D. (6/27/15)

"I have been vaping for 4 years now and I have tried just about every flavor you can think of. I was stuck for most of that time on a tobacco flavor for my all day juice. Then I stumbled across this gem about 3 months ago. This is my all day vape now. If you knew me, you would understand the gravity of that statement. Once I find something I like, I'm all in. This is a delicious combo of complex flavors that still trying to sort out. Possibly a custard flavored draw with a kind of pumpkin spice finish. An that still doesn't do it justice. Just do yourself a favor and try it. I only wish they would sell larger bottles...1 liter...2 liter. Thank you Rocket Fuel Vapes for the very best ejuice I have ever tried!!!" -Bill C. (10/14/14)

On Mia Mojito:

"Intoxicating combination of sweetness and refreshing citrus and mint flavors. The inhale is a refreshing lime with the subtle background sweetness of a hint of spearmint and the exhale a combination of flavors satisfying the palate. The mint seems to be blended so well as to be unrecognized but adds to the wholesomeness of the flavor. This liquid is one that can be vaped anytime and all the time." -Michael A. (1/24/14)

"Mia Mojito is perfect for when I want a sweet vape. The lime is just spot on, not too tart, not too sweet. The aftertaste has just a hint of mint flavor, delicious!" -Christopher S. (9/8/15)

On Reaper Blend Tobacco:

"Don't fear the Reaper. Fantastic tobacco blend. There's a lot going on with this one, so much that the flavor profile is hard to decribe. Worthy of an all day vape and a must add to any tobacco afficionado's arsenal. Blue Oyster Cult would be bringing more cowbell for this juice..." -Craig P. (1/24/15)

"Only juice that holds up to a night of drinking. This juice with a whisky or IPA is just amazing." -Hector S. (5/27/15)

"I really don't leave reviews for products, even if I like them—laziness is a powerful thing—but I felt compelled to leave one here because the flavor of this e-liquid is SO DAMN good. I've reordered twice already and just so happened to find a retailer in my area, which I've already purchased from once. Onto the flavor: it's pretty complex and bold. There is definitely tobacco, but there is almost a hint of dark chocolate in the eliquid—which, if you are a coffee drinker like me, you'll definitely appreciate. This is my daily vape, and when, in the beginning, I started running low, it caused me a lot of anxiety, and the thought of not having a vial handy caused a massive wave of depression. In short, I love the Reaper blend, and if you haven't tried it, give it a go, and I promise you won't be disappointed." -Joshua O. (11/9/15)

On Strawberry Fields:

"I was hooked on Strawberry Fields from the first vape! I blew through the sample bottle in a few hours lmao! But seriously this juice is exactly the flavor I was looking for." -Thaddeus (11/14/15)

"This is a great strawberry. Usually you get something flavorless or something that tastes like candy. This is more like real strawberries. Not overly sweet but tons of ripe flavor." -Kevin G. (12/22/14)

"This is honestly the best strawberry I've had out of all the companies I've bought from." -Lonnie S. (7/25/14)

On Cuppa Jolt:

"The Cuppa Jolt is freaking awesome. Great combination of coffee and caramel flavors." -RsFKevSki (6/13/14)

On Ol' River Tobacco:

"I really am a fan of the extracted tobacco flavors and this one is a new favorite. I really like the old fashioned, as its name suggest, all Hunk Finn floating down the Mississippi w/ my corn cob pipe going. Really liked it. When I smoked (and I did for 26 years. Smoked Camels) I never thought I would find something that would satisfy that taste I enjoyed w/o harming myself anymore, you know? Great flavor. I most certainly will buy it again and look forward to trying the others as well." -Megan S. (9/12/15)

"I like Ol' River just as much as Reaper. I've tried many store blends and a handful of premium juices, nobody comes close to Rocket Fuel's tobacco e-liquids!" -Carl J. (4/22/16)

"Nice smooth smokiness with a slightly woodsy taste. Has a little sweetness on the finish. This liquid makes we want to kick back and relax to really savor it. My favorite of all the Rocket tobacco flavors." -Robert C. (4/19/15)

On Poseidon:

"Got this in a sample that rocket fuel sent in one if my orders. I've always wanted to try it but was afraid I wouldn't like it but when I took my first vape of it, I was blowen away! The cinnamon and fruit mix works very well! To describe the taste is putting a piece of juicy fruit gum and big red gum together." -Nicholas B. (1/15/14)

On Harley's Blend Tobacco:

"I have adored all of RF tobacco flavors but this is one of my favorite. Just the right amount of sweetness with the walnut and rum makes this an ADV. Smooth and satisfying. I am use a Kraken dual coil at .7 ohms with cotton. I am in love with Harley's Blend. Great job!" -Roderick K. (6/29/14)

"Great balance between the earthy flavors (tobacco & nutty) and the slight sweet notes makes this a real pleasure. I use high nicotine (ex-smoker) so my blend is also a bit spicy. The nutty & sweet flavors help counter the spicy and bitter nicotine. I can vape this all day." -Eric H. (8/2/14)

"If I was in a cage and I had a choice between food or Harley's Blend, I'd choose the Harley's Blend. It's that good. God bless you guys." -Christian B. (6/2/16)