Rocket Fuel Vapor Menu

Be Mine, Clementine

Rich, dark chocolate and mandarin orange flavors.

Bee Sweet

A uniquely-delicious honey, brown sugar and fig flavor. Perfect for a sweet tooth!

Blueberry Hill Tobacco

Naturally-extracted tobacco flavors with a variety of blueberry accents.

Calamity Jane Tobacco

Naturally-extracted tobacco flavors accented with almond, cinnamon and spices.

Cherry Limeade

A tart lemon-lime blend accented with true cherry -- a refreshing summer classic.


A rich, smooth, dark chocolate flavor with a touch of creamy marshmallow.

Country Bumpkin

Creamy pumpkin and fall spices blended together for a one-of-a-kind pumpkin e-liquid that's perfect for autumn and all year round!

Cuppa Jolt Coffee

Extracted gourmet coffee, caramel, espresso and sweet cream combined to create the best true-to-taste coffee e-liquid on the market.

Dolly's Blue Ribbon

An award-winning smooth and savory combination of creamy custard and lemon notes.

Harley's Blend Tobacco

Leaf tobacco, black walnut and rum are combined for a distinguished hybrid pipe tobacco vape.

Harvest Moon Tobacco

Creamy pumpkin blended with spiced tobacco flavors -- a unique and delicious fall tobacco e-liquid.

Hello Sunshine

A southern-style extracted-tea flavor, lightly sweetened and with hints of peach flavor.

Johnny Appleseed Tobacco

A semi-sweet extracted tobacco flavor with notes of apple.


Tart key lime and delicious cheesecake notes combined for a mouth-watering pie dessert flavor.

Love Potion No. 9

Sweet and tart white peaches combined with figs and blueberries -- a unique, delightful fruit e-liquid

Mia Mojito

Rocket Fuel’s 'twist' on the famous Caribbean citrus and mint cocktail—enjoy under the sun.

Ol' River Tobacco

Woodsy, semi-sweet, naturally-extracted pipe tobaccos.

Peachy Keen

Peach cobbler flavors with a cinnamon graham crust.


Two classic chewing gum flavors perfectly mixed for a fantastic fruit cocktail finished with spicy cinnamon.

Prospector Peach

Naturally-extracted pipe tobacco extracts along with sweet peach flavor for a southern-style hybrid tobacco flavor.

Razz My Berries

Tart and sweet raspberry lemonade with a zest of citrus for a refreshing summertime favorite.

Reaper Blend Tobacco

Reaper "Six Tobacco" Blend received Spinfuel eMagazine's 2014 award for Overall E-Liquid of the Year. A full-bodied and complex, extracted-tobacco hybrid featuring six tobacco flavors.

Rocket Blend

Creamy caramel, smooth vanilla and hints of spice for a sophisticated and genuinely unique flavor.

Rocket Pop

TOP-SELLING E-LIQUID! The one-and-only Rocket Pop® combines red cherries, tart lemon-lime and sweet blue raspberry to create a spot-on version of the timeless Americana popsicle.

Strawberry Fields

Ripe strawberries, rich country cream and cinnamon graham crumble.

Summersweet Tobacco

An award-winning leaf-style extracted tobacco featuring true-to-taste honeycomb.

The Cat's Meow

Delicious vanilla macaroon cookie with hints of sweet coconut for a delightful dessert flavor.