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The Hunt for the Best Naturally Extracted Tobacco Vapor

Extracted Tobacco E-Liquid | Finding the Best

The Hunt for the Best Naturally Extracted Tobacco Vapor

Rocket Fuel's signature tobacco vapor series contains a wide variety of unique and flavorful hybrid combinations we think you'll love. All of our tobaccos have bold, naturally-extracted, premium quality tobacco flavors at their heart. In addition, our tobacco flavor hybrids are strong, deep and rich, while combining with subtle minor ingredients for complex, yet accessible vapor. 

If you're looking for your new all day tobacco vape, you've come to the right place. Below we go into detail regarding some of our most popular tobacco flavors. Here are 5 fantastic blends we recommend trying first out of the 9 total tobacco flavors we offer. Rocket Fuel is known for complex and multidimensional blends that taste just like the real thing. You'll love these tobaccos!

Reaper Blend

Named after an inspiring group of United States soldiers known as the "Reapers," our #1 selling tobacco throws a little bit of everything into it's award-winning blend. With a strong and bold overarching tobacco base, Reaper Blend combines 6--yes, that's correct--6 naturally-extracted tobacco flavors along with a list of minor ingredients. This distinct and truly original blend has been heralded far and wide, winning "Best Overall Eliquid of the Year in 2014" according to Spinfuel eMagazine. Click here to read the article, confirming the award. If you haven't yet tried the Reaper, fear not, you will not be disappointed. 

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Calamity Jane 

Calamity Jane, the Western-American frontierswoman and gunslinger from the 1800s, inspired this delicious tobacco hybrid blend. A favorite of many of our longtime vaping customers, Calamity Jane blends several naturally-extracted tobacco flavors with minor ingredients cinnamon, graham, hints of coconut and more. The result is a savory, semi-sweet tobacco hybrid can't-miss flavor. 

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Ol River

Named after "Ol' River Johnson," a close friend of one of Rocket Fuel's original founders, Ol' River provides a big and bold pipe tobacco-style flavor, mixed with subtle hints of spices to add a bit of complexity. Ol' River is one of our more straight-forward naturally-extracted tobacco flavors, and one many of our customers absolutely love. If you're looking for a tobacco flavor that packs a big punch and sticks to its guns, look no further. 

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Harley's Blend

Harley's Blend, named after the grandfather of one of Rocket Fuel's original founders, is a straight-forward multi-tobacco blend, with a buttery rum combination which makes it a unique blend found nowhere else. Harley's Blend offers tobacco vapers an accessible, yet intriguing flavor you won't forget--to take with you everywhere. 

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Our lightest tobacco blend, Summersweet combines multiple honey flavors with a naturally-extracted tobacco base. The result is a subtle, semi-sweet tobacco flavor which is suited perfected for those less interested in the big, bold and complex tobacco vapors.  

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We also have several fruit tobacco flavors for those looking for a tobacco flavor beyond the big, bold style of the flavors listed above. If you haven't tried any of the follow tobacco flavors, try a demo bottle and see what you think!

Blueberry Hill 

Johnny Appleseed

Prospector Peach

Harvest Moon