Longing for warmer weather? Top summer vape blends to the rescue!

Best e-liquids for summer: Rocket Fuel's top 5 summertime blends

If you're looking for vapor that reminds you of summer during these chilly months, look no further. The following is a list of Rocket Fuel must-have flavors for road trips, lake/beach trips and good times under the sun. Here is a list of our top five to get you through the cold:

5. Razz My Berries

Make no mistake, Razz My Berries' playful name suggests good times, and it delivers. This raspberry lemonade flavor packs a pucker with enough sweetness to keep clouds moving all day. (Available in Max VG)

4. Mia Mojito

Mia Mojito doesn't have to hide behind a gimmicky name. It's a straight forward, spot-on replica of the classic summertime beverage. With hints of mint and lime combined with a subtle sweetness, there's truly no better eliquid for days at the pool, on the lake or on the beach. (Available in Max VG)

3. Summersweet Tobacco

Rocket Fuel's lightest tobacco flavor is perfect for warm evenings relaxing as the sun sets. It's tobacco flavor is strong enough to satisfy experienced tobacco vapers and the honey adds enough sweetness for casual dabblers in tobacco flavored eliquids. 

2. Cherry Limeade

If you're vaping Cherry Limeade, you might as well be sipping your favorite summertime beverage in an ice-filled styofoam cup, because Rocket Fuel's Cherry Limeade is a spot-on version of the classic drink. Few other eliquid flavors complement a summer road trip quite like Cherry Limeade. Grab a bottle of this juice, hit the road, find the water, and enjoy. (Available in Max VG)

1. Rocket Pop

Of all the great summertime eliquids, Rocket Pop delivers the most exciting, mouth-watering flavor. Add in a little nostalgia from youthful days eating popsicles and you've got an eliquid to remember. Rocket Pop blends red cherry, raspberry and lime for a sweet, yet subtly tart flavor you won't want to run out of. (Available in Max VG)