Best-Selling Fruity Vapor Flavors You'll Love

Best-Selling Fruity Vapor Flavors You'll Love | Vaping Banner

In Search of the Best Fruity Vapes

If you're looking for your new favorite fruity vapor flavor, here are 3 fantastic blends we recommend trying first. Rocket Fuel is known for complex and multidimensional blends that taste just like the real thing. You'll love these fruits!

Cherry Limeade Vapor

An already famous beverage flavor, with that perfect touch of sweet and sour. A little cherry splash and you've found your next favorite. Great for after dinner, in the car, or anytime you're feeling fruity! It's also available in Max VG for the big clouds. 

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Strawberry Fields Strawberry Vapor

This is not your average strawberry flavor. In fact, we've heard time and again from loyal customers that this is the best strawberry flavor they have ever tried. No, seriously. It's that good. Take the classic strawberry flavor, add hints of cheesecake and graham cracker crust (and some other special ingredients), and you have Strawberry Fields.

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Limerick Key Lime Vapor

This flavor flies under the radar a little bit, but is a smooth and creamy blend with the right amount of lime flavor. Not too sour, not too sweet. It also is available in Max VG for big time vapor production. 

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