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Wholesale E-Liquid: Rocket Pop

Rocket Fuel began as an e-liquid blending start-up in early 2013. Created by two co-workers, the company began with twenty delicious flavored vapor recipes ranging from delectable, multi-dimensional desserts to big, bold extracted tobacco blends. The signature line was designed to showcase a wide-range of flavors ingredients combined in unique, true-to-life recipes. Rocket Fuel aims to be one of the best-tasting e-liquid lines for tank vapers looking for intense and exciting e-liquid experiences.

In the summer of 2013, the lab team at Rocket Fuel Vapes grew interested in adding a sweet, tart, summer flavor to its signature e-liquid line. The team worked to craft a flavor which would be recognizable to customers; a flavor that would incite the warm nostalgia that the Rocket Fuel Vapes brand had been playing on since its inception. Unlike the majority of Rocket Fuel Vapes’ other original flavors, which were incredibly labor-intensive to develop, Rocket Pop came into existence extremely quickly. The lab team at Rocket Fuel knew right away that Rocket Pop would be a strong, bright flavor that people would enjoy.

With it’s red, white and blue design, along with a taste nearly identical to the well-loved cherry, lime and raspberry popsicle, Rocket Pop was launched as one of Rocket Fuel’s last initial flavors. Even though the Rocket Fuel team had high hopes for Rocket Pop, no one inside the company knew it would become the overwhelming top e-liquid at Rocket Fuel Vapes.

Now in 2016, Rocket Pop continues to grow and has become arguably the best e-liquid Rocket Fuel Vapes produces. Rocket Pop takes the taste of summertime in the U.S.A. all over the world. With distribution in countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia, Rocket Pop has become well-loved by a multitude of different cultures and people.

Rocket Pop, a truly classic U.S.A. e-liquid, enjoyed world-wide.