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Wholesale E-Liquid: Rocket Fuel Vapor


As a brick-and-mortar or online store owner, you’ve likely witnessed firsthand the increase in USA e-liquid manufacturers and suppliers over the last several years. If you’ve picked up a recent vape magazine or browsed vaping-related hashtags on Instagram, you’ve probably found hundreds of premium wholesale e-liquid lines which you could potentially carry in your store.

With so many wholesale e-juice options available, how do you determine which of the top e-juice brands will bring customers back into your store?


If your store carries high-end vaping hardware such as rebuildables for dripping, you’ll want to carry wholesale e-liquid brands specializing in high-VG (vegetable glycerine), max-cloud e-juice.

If you carry clearomizers, tanks, or sub-ohm tanks, you’ll want to make sure to carry brands from e-liquid manufacturers that specialize in high-PG (propylene glycol), max-flavor e-juice.

Ultimately, you have a lot of different customers, each with unique preferences. Your best option is to carry different types of e-juice for the different varieties of hardware you carry in your shop. Whether you’re working with a brand new, transitioning vaper or an experienced hobbyist, it’s best to make sure you’re prepared with top quality e-liquids ranging in various PG/VG consistencies.


Rocket Fuel Vapes offers store owners premium quality wholesale e-juices at affordable prices. With low minimum order quantities, exceptional in-store marketing support, same-day shipping, low-cost expedited international shipping and easy online ordering, Rocket Fuel Vapes has become the go-to USA e-juice manufacturer for store owners carrying tanks and sub-ohm tanks in the USA and abroad.

If you’re looking for exceptional pipe tobacco flavored e-liquids, we offer some of the best in the industry. Our Reaper Blend, made with six distinct and robust tobacco flavors, was chosen by Spinfuel e-Magazine as 2014 “Overall E-Liquid of the Year.”

Rocket Fuel Vapes also offers some of the best fruit flavored e-juices on the market for your store. Our Rocket Pop flavor is, without question, one of the top choices of e-liquid in the U.S.A. and overseas. With a flavor profile consisting of cherry, lime and raspberry, Rocket Pop is a recognizable e-juice flavor your customers will purchase time and again.

Rocket Fuel Vapor stays true to the goal of helping people transition to vaping. With flavor-packed liquids designed for use in tank systems, Rocket Fuel delivers one of the finest quality USA e-liquid brands for your shop or retail outlet.